Mr. President – We Have Your Back!


From the chair – Last night’s televised effort to address the what, why and how of the unfolding border protection drama can be summed in one word – Presidential. Our country’s C.E.O. was compelling, factual, courageous, dignified, passionate and reasoned from start to finish. In the face of unrelenting criticism, deception and bias, his courage under fire is nothing short of remarkable.

The contrasting presentation by his opposition was remarkable for different reasons. Their wooden, dishonest, inconsistent, and disingenuous countering view was widely panned for good reason – their’s was a mission of malice vs. leadership. If a picture says a thousand words – or clarifies the question of the underlying lightness or darkness – this picture has lots to say.

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind Buncombe’s Republicans that our President is out on a limb. He needs your help and support. Whether it’s writing a letter to the editor, letting him know, calling into a radio station, contributing to his campaign or your party, of encouraging our representatives to stay strong behind him, please take a moment to add your good touch to this momentous moment in the history of your people.

We have a man in office who is taking the risks of being truthful, not kicking the can endlessly down the road, and refusing to pretend that Progressive-Democratic-Socialist calls for “unity” are about anything but “give in to our will.”

The number of calls we have received on the BCGOP phone since yesterday have been amazing – so has what those callers have said. To a man and woman they have called to share how proud they are of our President and that they are behind him.

We know you are too – and wanted to ask if there’s a way to turn that good will into good action? It’s our turn…

With gratitude,

Carl Mumpower, Chair – the Buncombe GOP family


Why be a Republican?
Because we get The American Success Equation – Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity.
We don’t pretend that skipping ingredients will produce the same results.


Nor does our President…

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