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Please let us know by February 8th!

Every every year the Buncombe Republican Party holds a convention to address formal business. Odd year conventions are extra important because that is when we elect our new officers. That day – March 2nd – is just around the corner!

At our convention we will be electing leaders for the following positions-

Chairman – 1st Vice Chair – 2nd Vice Chair – Secretary – Treasurer – 5 AT LARGE members

Each year we ask experienced and engaged volunteers to serve on our BCGOP Nominating Committee. We are pleased that Glenda Weinert has agreed to chair this action committee and work with two other members, Betty Budd and Kyle Carver. Many thanks to these good folks for stepping up to help with this important piece of our organization’s leadership puzzle.

Glenda, Betty and Kyle are tasked with identifying, developing, interviewing and otherwise advancing a solid slate of possible officers to carry us forward. They have no advocacy position, but do want to vet candidates and otherwise help insure that those Republicans attending the convention have a solid body of candidates upon which to vote and count on to carry the BCGOP forward.

February 8th is the deadline they are asking all prospective candidates to consider in letting the committee know of their interest in running. The sooner our good committee knows, the sooner they can press on with interviews and securing a good pool of candidates.

If you have been considering stepping forward to support the Republican mission in Buncombe County, now is a great time to let us know. We’d like to help you do just that!

Glanda Weinert, Chair –  828-230-14444  – glenda.weinert@gmail.com
Betty Budd  828-707-4373 – bbudd2@charter.net
Kyle Carver, 828-683-2075 – kylecarver@charter.net

*You may also reach any of the officers (contact information is listed in the “Leadership” section of this website) or our Chair, Carl Mumpower, at 252-8390 or drmumpower@aol.com

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