Asheville’s Daily Does It Again…

The C-T is shameless in promoting the liberal-progressive-socialist view in our community!

From the chair – Over the weekend C-T readers were treated to two excellent examples of a pattern of bias by our local daily. Two articles – Following massive NC raid, ICE arrests in Henderson stir familiar fear for some in WNC and Border wall: WNC;s GOP congressmen split on Trump national emergency declaration – drive the point home with enthusiasm.

In the first article C-T journalist (and evidently the editors of the paper) crafted an article that shared anti-ICE and immigration enforcement positions by no less than 5 individuals. The only pro-enforcement position was by an ICE representative explaining that if local enforcement would cooperate as they have in the past, arrests would be made in jails instead of in homes. Beyond that, no one was allowed to defend ICE as most conservative thinkers would. That’s bias from the C-T – and it is a pattern that is exceptionally persistent and easy to track by searching their own web page and headlines.

Liberal bias spoiler alert – just read the title of the ICE article and note the inflammatory adjectives. The fix was in.

P.S. – Asheville’s Mayor – by vote and deed – is a liberal-progressive-socialist masquerading as a benevolent moderate. She’s also an attorney. There is great irony in the fact our city’s chief elected official is so careless with the rule of law. Selective application of the law – her anti-ICE enforcement position being one of many – is a dangerous behavior that always heralds cultural demise. Our Mayor’s casual approach to personal preference over the rule of law should not go unchallenged.

Next in the C-T’s missteps came the article attempting to pit our two WNC congressman – Patrick McHenry (10th District) and Mark Meadows (11th District) against one another on the President’s national state of emergency declaration on our borders. Supposedly our Republican champions were on opposing sides of this action. They are not – and the C-T was blatant in making a mountain out of this molehill and pretending friction where there was none.

The presentation was that Congressman Meadows was for the declaration and Congressman McHenry was not. As soon as we read Congressman McHenry’s statement in the article, “I don’t think it’s the best first choice,” we smelled something a little bit rotten.

We checked with McHenry’s office, and sure enough, he has no adversarial position against the President’s action or Congressman’s Meadow’s direct support for that action. He was simply saying he did not see it as a best first choice. That is precisely what the President and Mark Meadows have said all along – they agree.

Declaring an emergency was about forth on the list of potential actions. May we share the sequence that got us here?

  1. Get the funding in place while Republicans held majorities in both houses – that one didn’t happen.
  2. Make partial border funding a condition of funding and reopening government – that didn’t work.
  3. Support congress by reopening government without conditions & allowing time for a negotiated solution – no luck.
  4. Quit pretending that Democrats were going to do anything but obstruct – go with Plan D.

All three of the leaders in question are on the same page in terms of a need for meaningful action on border security. There is no rift of “split” as the C-T exaggerated in their article – just a quiet difference in language and enthusiasm for the border dilemma our President is trying to face with a very rigged deck of cards.

Our take – the Citizen-Times continues to be reckless with the First Amendment by confusing journalism with advocacy. Republicans – unlike our free speech antagonists on the left – get it that a free press is crucial to a free Republic. By betraying their code of journalistic ethics, demonstrating a pattern of persistent political bias, and confusing advocacy with fair presentation of the news, they are placing all of us at great risk.

Our view – when the right or the left’s leadership do something of substance, it should be reported. When the right or the left do something wrong, it should be reported. When the right or the left do something right, it should be reported. The playing field in the C-T’s editorial room is not level – it tilts dramatically to the left. What they are sharing is more about marketing their guys than reporting your news…




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