Asheville’s Mayor is Dangerous…

Our Letter to the Citizen-Times Editor Shares Why

Dear Editor:

Asheville’s Mayor is a bright, articulate and skilled politician – may one suggest she’s also dangerous?

Her recent public position ( against immigration enforcement demonstrates a criminal mindset – that the laws of our country, state and city are free to be supported as suits one’s personal preferences. That’s a pretty profound stance for the city’s chief elected official.

Topless performers in city parks? Our Mayor has done everything in her power to ignore state statutes prohibiting such and sidestep enforcement options used effectively in every other NC city but ours.

Unprecedented in our history are her intrusions on city and police administration. Both are increasingly paralyzed.

Don’t look now, but Asheville’s out-of-control drug problem tracks directly to the doors of our Mayor and council. These are the only elected officials with the power to prioritize drug intervention over enabling. We have the laws on the books – they don’t have the courage or conviction.

Asheville’s Mayor is a polished example of what happens when image transcends substance and one is celebrated for charms over harms.

Every cultural demise in history is heralded by leaders similarly wearing a mask of false virtue as they betray the rule of law.

Thank you,

Carl Mumpower, Chair – Buncombe Republican Party


4 thoughts on “Asheville’s Mayor is Dangerous…”

  1. Politicians tend to loose their moral compass when they start playing for their own power. Too bad. Vote for TERM LIMITS.

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