From xxxxx – Who is in charge of your page? I have really liked some of our local conservative politicians, but I am amazed at how much of your page is devoted to making fun of people. The Buncombe County Democrats do not do that. Their posts are about meetings & organization. I think it’s unprofessional to constantly post put-down memes in a group that supports serious candidates. I also would be very surprised if Carl Mumpower is doing these postings because it does not seem like they type of thing he would ever do. I am more interested in seeing posts that are pro-business & pro-candidate at the local level.

Buncombe GOP – Thanks for messaging us. We apologize if we miss your communication in any way. Please also feel free to email or contact our chair at drmumpower@aol.com/828-252-8390. He is happy to speak with you anytime!

Buncombe GOP – Hi xxxxx – yes, our opposition – with its mission of corrupting our culture – prefers for us to stay on the down low. It’s our pleasure to turn the lights on that nefarious agenda – and our contrasting values – with as much enthusiasm as we can muster. As a devotee to the left’s view, we understand why you would prefer we – as an inconvenient minority in Asheville – hunker down in the corner. Check our BuncombeGOP.org for more info and a calendar. Facebook will continue to have a more entertaining and energetic agenda. The local Republican Party remains dedicated as the only organized political movement capable of countering the absurdities of the left. That we are the most liked WNC Facebook political site offers testament to such… (; Carl Mumpower

xxxxx – Very disappointing. I considered you a true professional. I thought a young GOP member was in charge of your page. There is no agenda for me, other than to support people who are part of the solution, not the problem. What I find absurd, it the concept that nasty memes help solve that problem. I will continue to support pro-business candidates, those who don’t get down in the gutter no matter what side they are on.

There is no room in this town for anyone who is not in the “extreme.”

Buncombe GOP – xxxxx – I share your disappointment. (; For someone who has been a registered Democrat for 30 years and voted a traceable straight Democratic ticket to pretend concern or interest in conservative and pro-business candidates is a bit embarrassing. Aren’t you at least a little ashamed of this attempt at pretend virtue? One is reminded of an old country adage – “Puppies will bite their mother to make her lay still…” Please excuse our political minority movement’s disinterest in lying still by subscribing to your misguided agenda. Carl Mumpower

xxxxx – I currently support districting and having reps from various neighborhoods, support the Free Market and am disappointed by the way our tax dollars are being disseminated and weighted to one side. I have changed my mind about many local issues due to the education from some local conservatives.

I also feel that our City Council has done better in the past when it is balanced out by conservative and democratic voices. Local government effects us the most.
Either way, I wish you well. Just completely surprised that you are the one posting these memes. 🙂

Buncombe GOP – Yes, we are equally surprised. The best mark of sincerity is action – in politics that’s a simple equation – how we vote. Your voting record does not match your declarations. No malice, but managing what other people think of me has never been part of my mission – challenging, as a conservative Republican, the expanding harms of the left in our community and across the nation – very much so. We value Facebook as one tool in our expanding toolbox. Best wishes forward.

xxxxx – Is this really Carl? This communication does not feel authentically Carl. It does, however remind me of another local conservative.😀

Buncombe GOP – Hi xxxxx – I find it fascinating that so many who practice deception, false virtue, and radicalism endeavor to paint others as “extremists.”

The person I assume you are attempting to ridicule makes a noble effort to creatively challenge the real extremes of Asheville’s progressive-liberal-socialist movement. His “extreme” views reflect an authentic conservative view – (1) Keep government small, constrained and effective (2) Be careful with other people’s money, property and liberty (3) Protect new life and (4) Retain an authentic connection to our culture’s historical values and (5) Stay sincere to our compass – the U.S. Constitution.

With all due consideration,your demonstration of political opportunism in this post is not virtuous and your affinity with the left is not moderate.

It remains that Republican conservatism is about the only political connection our culture has left to the word “normal.”

Again, you should be embarrassed by coming to us on Facebook under a false flag – voting relentlessly as a progressive Democrat (since that is the only kind of Democrats we have had running for the past 20 years) – and pretending an interest in conservatism.

No wish to be hurtful, but you might want to rethink your moral compass.

And yes, it’s the real me. cm

xxxxx – Beautifully written! You have a true gift for writing. I can handle the jabs. But your compass is off with me. I can accept your viewpoint as I am fully responsible for initiating a dialogue with you. Thank you for your candor and response. I hope you will consider ways in which our community can unify in the future. There are roads we can all travel on, in order to find common ground. Hats off and have a nice rest of your Sunday.

Buncombe GOP – No wish to jab – but I do feel the need to call you a bit for that false virtue suit you put on. I don’t imagine someone with your flair faces that very often. If I do have a gift it would be the mixed blessing of a good BS detector. You did not come to us with a mission of uniting – you came to us trying to turn down our volume to suit your own agenda. I’m afraid there is no way around your voting record as the sincere measure of your priorities.

Always happy to be part of a sincere effort to bring us together. Not receptive to an effort to make us lay still… cm

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