Irony? The Mountain-X thumps C-T on journalistic ethics…

Liberal Media Bias in Asheville is Nothing Short of Extraordinary…

From the chair – The level of bias in our daily paper and local television station continues to astound. It’s not personal – and contrary to what some in the media believe, there is concern, not malice in our view. It’s simply that we realize the crucial importance of objective community media sources and the danger of propaganda masqueraded as news. It’s a caution we’re pleased to continue raising as long as our primary news sources continue to serve as marketing agents for the left vs. ethical news outlets with a deeper eye on truth.        

A great case in point came up recently. It started with this article (Following massive NC raid, ICE arrests in Henderson stir familiar fear for some in WNC). The level of bias was extraordinary in offering the political view of 4 or 5 liberal-progressives behind that sensational headline – but absolutely no conservative input. The one contrasting view came from an officially constrained ICE official raising the point that they would not be arresting people in their homes and workplaces if they could arrest the bigger bad guys in jails like they would do if we had cooperative local law enforcement.

The lack of journalistic ethics in that article should shame the editors of the Citizen-Times. Instead, they appear clearly dedicated to their mission of advocating in news articles versus objectively and fairly reporting the facts. Somewhere along the line, the folks in charge of this publication lost touch with the journalistic code their profession claims to uphold.

The irony comes into play with a contrasting article coming out in the Mountain X-press weekly. Though the M-X is clearly a liberal publication, that’s OK – they take that position up front. The C-T pretends objectivity and masks their bias on a daily basis. What’s interesting is that time after time, when the Mountain X-press does a feature news piece, they do it thoroughly, with a wide range of included views and attempt to keep the editorializing to a minimum and the information exchange to a maximum. In other words, they try to do it right.

Consider this feature article on the political scene in WNC (Finding the Regions Next Elected Leaders).though the views from the left outnumber the conservative sources of input, the effort to be fair, comprehensive and inclusive is evident. It is no small curiosity that an acknowledged liberal publication facing all the hurdles of print media in today’s environment, is investing more time, energy and journalistic ethics in their reporting than the big budget outlets at the Citizen-Times and WLOS.

As the soon departing chair of the Buncombe Republican Party, I can share that my interaction with the staffs of the Mountain-X, Citizen-Times and WLOS have been universally pleasant. I have appreciated every opportunity for us to bring our conservative voice to the table. That said, anyone who believes our primary media outlets are remotely attempting to track or address their liberal preference is lost in denial.

Conservatives don’t want local media outlets to see things our way. We don’t want anything but the opportunity to share our view and let the cards fall where they may. That’s the essence of journalistic ethics and it’s a fair flag for us to raise.

We see great irony in the fact that when it comes to journalistic ethics, the liberal folks at the Mountain-X are thumping the competition while their competition is busy thumping conservatives…

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