BCGOP Chair writes the President…

Yesterday, the current Buncombe Republican Party Chair shared a letter with the BCGOP Executive Committee that among other things noted he would not be seeking reelection to that post.

Today, out of that decision, he sent a letter to President Trump. We thought you might enjoy what was shared.


January 3rd, 2019

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Trump:

Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to serve as chair of the local Republican Party. That tenure is fast approaching its conclusion, and there are a number of people I need to thank. You are at the top of my list.

First off, thank you for motivating me to step toward this responsibility.  My initial decision to run was in direct response to your election. I saw in you a man with the unique potential to act on the word you gave as a candidate – and that potential merited support. Thank you for validating that hope. I know of no President in my lifetime – including Ronald Reagan – who has demonstrated more perseverance, sacrifice, and honesty in attempting to be in office what he said he would be in his campaign.

Thank you for your creativity. I find the way you bedazzle entrenched bureaucrats, unprincipled politicians, biased media pundits and insincere world leaders extraordinarily effective and refreshing.

Thank you also for being a game changer. You have shown patriotic Americans something many have lost sight of – one person can make a difference. Indeed, you are personification of a core American reality – one man or woman at the right time in the right place doing the right thing has always made the best differences.

Thank you for refusing to discard the American Success Equation. Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity has defined the American Dream from our inception. How fortunate we are to have a chief executive officer who gets the specialness of this formula and who refuses to pretend we can leave out ingredients and achieve the same outcome.

Thank you for putting so much on the table to secure our borders. Thank you for your understanding of the monumental importance of grounding our immigration policy in reason and the rule of law versus corruption and postponement. Thank you for understanding that we need secure borders for the same reason people lock their doors and former Presidents build walls around mansions.

Thank you for putting your principles, platform and promises above popularity and for giving conservative leaders and voters a reason to reengage and fight back. We are blessed to have someone at the helm who is more concerned with the rocks ahead than making sure the brass is catching the sun’s reflection.

Thank you for being willing to frustrate, disappoint, anger, irritate, intimidate and ignore when it is right to do so. Thank you for just as surely being willing to engage, befriend, encourage, respect, back-up and love when those skills are important.

Thank you for your courage. Though – like all human beings – you have fear, doubt, hurt, anger, selfish, and worry buttons, it is clear your courage button is bigger.

Above all else, thank you for your time, energy, and family sacrifices. In your eyes and actions, I see a man with the mileage to know these are the essence of life. Thank you giving them to us so selflessly.

In close, I appreciate the opportunity to thank you for stepping forward to run and serve as our nation’s leader. Though you are persistently disparaged, misjudged and ridiculed for your motives and methods, it has been my privilege to witness in you an eclipsing mark of nobility. Unlike so many of your peers and antagonists, you understood before you started that the Presidency was a daunting responsibility – not a validating prize.  And you stepped forward anyway…

With gratitude,

Carl Mumpower, Chair – The Buncombe County Republican Party family

Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save


Current BCGOP Chair’s tenure to end March 2nd…

-from the desk of-

Carl Mumpower, Chair

Buncombe County Republican Party of North Carolina

One Oak Plaza – Suite 309

Asheville, North Carolina 28801

(828) 252-8390 ~ ~ Buncombe

January 2nd, 2019

From:   Carl Mumpower, Chair

To:       Buncombe County Republican Party Executive Board

Subj:    Upcoming convention and election

Dear Board Members:

It’s been a little shy of two years since we assumed our respective leadership roles with the Buncombe Republican Party. It has been an honor to join with you in representing our community’s 46,000 Republicans. I am especially grateful for the many volunteers who understood and embraced our two central themes – unity and stepping around the negative toward the positive with a full measure of energy, creativity and sincerity.

The initial decision to run for the Chair’s position centered largely on one pivotal political event – the election of our current President. In this gentleman there was potential for an elected official who would uniquely attempt to fulfill the promises upon which he campaigned. That potential has been validated – and I am indebted for the opportunity to generate support for President Trump and our Republican representatives in Washington, Raleigh and elsewhere. We are indeed fortunate to have such special people serving under such trying circumstances.

Approaching the completion of my tenure, I have made the decision to clear the way for new leadership and shift to other responsibilities. Come Saturday, March 2nd, we will hold our county convention at our secured location in the Buncombe County Courthouse. At that time, we will elect and get behind a new team to carry the BCGOP forward as a crucial bridge between the 10th & 11th Districts.

In the interim two months we will press on with enthusiasm and strengthen the foundation for those who will come later. It is my hope that volunteers who have supported my personal efforts over the past two years will carry that commitment forward with our new leadership team.

I remain grateful for the many Republicans who have aided in building on the good works of our predecessors. It was important work – for today’s Republican Party truly stands as the only organized political movement capable of countering the expanding harmful extremes of our opposition. Together, we have had many special moments, opportunities and impacts in support of that special mission.

With gratitude,

Carl Mumpower, Chair – The Buncombe County GOP family


Why be a Republican? Because we get The American Success Equation.

Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity

And we don’t pretend that skipping ingredients produces the same results…

Buncombe Republican volunteers ring for Salvation Army…

Second Christmas of stepping up for the Salvation Army!


One of our community’s most productive charities is the Salvation Army. This faith-based organization is a little bit of everywhere doing a little bit of everything!

You may not know that being a Christian charity in Asheville is not an easy undertaking. They are reliably excluded from the mainstream non-profit fund raising organizations. All too often they face “progressive” thinking ironically antagonistic to the Salvation Army’s impact on enumerable numbers of impoverished and otherwise disadvantaged folks.

Last year the Buncombe Republican family decided to put our feet where our heart was and help the Salvation Army by ringing the bell outside of Sam’s Club (always nice and always open to the Salvation Army’s army of bell-ringing volunteers). We were back this year to cover the full day on Saturday.

Here’s the note from our secretary to our volunteers – Good morning BCGOP “Santa Helpers” 🎅  Me Again 🙂 Just a reminder, we are scheduled to ring the Salvation Army Bell tomorrow- Saturday, Dec. 22nd at SAM’S Club off Patton Ave. Last year, The BCGOP raised approx. $2200 for this most worthy cause! I have attached the schedule. Everything will be set up when you relieve the person ahead of you. All you have to do is ring the bell and be happy and friendly- have fun! We do not touch the money if folks try to hand it to us. We simply ask them to put it in the pot. There will be a ruler-like stick available to push the money down in the slot if any money is sticking up. There will also be several bells available for those who have family joining in. Thanks again for EVERYTHING you continue to do! Merry Christmas, Linda

That precious picture above our caption is of Cindy Davidson and her daughter Chrissy Loveday, Isaac Loveay (7), Eli Loveday (5). What a great family! To the left and right are pictures of Scott Skjoldager and his wonderful family and volunteer extraordinaire Ken Hawkins. Many thanks to all of the Buncombe volunteers who helped make this a fun and productive day adding something back to our community.

P.S. – As the year comes to an end, it may be a good time to consider your charitable donations. May we recommend the Salvation Army as a special group that needs extra help in our unique community!

Please keep this BCGOP volunteer holiday activity in mind for next Christmas. We’d love to have you with us!


“I grew up poor, but I didn’t really know it because of amazing places like the Salvation Army where we got a lot of our Christmas presents from.”  Trey Songz



It’s Past Time to Heal America’s Portal to Infection…

Celebrating those attempting to protect our borders…


From the chair – I’m married to a nurse. Like most nurses, wherever she goes she tries to make things better. That soft touch is a constant reminder that women do indeed ‘civilize the world.’

One of her much-repeated efforts toward that end is the gentle reminder that cuts, scrapes and burns are, “a portal for infection.”

That doesn’t mean that every boo-boo will necessarily result in bacterial disaster, just that in the face of an open wound, the potentials for such go up. Unintentional injury to our skin’s border can create a ‘portal’ for unintentional consequences.

All portals are not bad – penetrations of our body’s self-protective shell can be good and necessary. A vaccine can prevent illness, surgery can heal a cancer, and pulling a bad tooth can stop infection and ease pain.

The goodness or badness is largely determined around whether the intrusion comes out of chaos – an unplanned spider bite – or purposeful activity – an IV antibiotic infusion necessary to treating the escalating infection of a spider bite.

Everything you just read has direct application to what can be argued as America’s greatest domestic concern – our porous borders as an inarguable portal for infection.

Everything about what is happening on our southern border is mired in chaos. Our immigration policies are broken, inconsistently upheld and reliably confused.  Border security is at best a temporary inconvenience to those seeking to steal their way intro America. Those who succeed are not much-needed engineers, scientists or health care providers. With predictability, they are poor, uneducated, and ill-equipped. They are mothers with children whose capacity to contribute to their host country is, for an extended period of time, dramatically overshadowed by their need to depend on the generosity of that country.

America has always been a beacon to the world. We will continue to be so, but the key to our historical success has been managed immigration framed in manageable numbers.

Prior to the last 3 decades, our historic number of immigrations per year from all sources approximated 250,000.  Support, training and assimilation were realistic goals. Now, we are absorbing 4,5, or 6 times that number per year and providing tons of support, but little or no training and assimilation. People are not coming to America, they are stealing their way into America.

Out of what is arguably the greatest criminal conspiracy in our country’s history – supported equally by human traffickers, unscrupulous employers, do-little politicians, judges who legislate from the bench, progressive enablers and others who otherwise benefit from porous borders – has come a flood of unintentional consequences.

Thirty-percent of the inmates in our Federal jails are illegal aliens. Over half of all immigrants – both legal and illegal – receive welfare, food stamps, or other safety net resources through direct eligibility or an anchor baby. Speaking of such, per the Washington Times, approximately twenty-five percent of the children in our public schools come from immigrant families. In one state, California, the bill for healthcare for illegal aliens is fast approaching ten billion a year. Those who suggest illegal aliens are paying their way apparently don’t know that half of these folks are women and children. Nor do they have any experience as a poor language impaired mother attempting to raise children in a new world.

Americans – most all Americans – embrace compassion for their fellow man. That holds just as true for those in foreign lands as here at home. No country on earth has anything like our history of attempting to uplift.

That is after all the real issue – not whether we uplift others, but how.

American cannot raise the world by becoming like the world. A candle that is blown out or tipped over no longer serves as a beacon of light. It is more likely a source of added danger.

At an earlier time in our history, no one locked the front door of their house – much less their automobile. Now, most everyone does both. Similarly, there was a time when mostly unimpaired borders worked for America. Now, it’s clear they don’t.

Unfortunately, though our leaders have a long history of talking about solutions, they have no history of producing any that are tangible, productive and realistic. That track record of failure goes back so far, most people don’t remember anything but the boundaryless reality we have today.

This unsustainable equation rant into its own wall on the weekend before Christmas.

That barrier came in the form of a President who drew a line in the sand and refused to cooperate with Congress on again kicking the illegal immigration can down the road. He used one of his last tools in the box to call out the relentless obstructionism of his Democratic opponents – fund the wall or assume responsibility for my refusal to endorse the latest in a long line of stop-gap budgets.

Make no mistake that the left’s resistance was pure political theater and obstructionism – it had nothing to do with principled opposition. How do we know? Look at the innumerable pro-border statements of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama before President Trump took office. Their current battle against protecting our boundaries is strictly based in anger and self-service.

May we suggest that our President’s principled effort to stand by his promises contrastingly merits deep respect and support?

At the time this article was submitted, where things would land was not clear. What was crystal clear was that the 11th District has a lion for a representative who was also taking a remarkably strong stand on this issue.

Mark Meadows refused to go with the flow and let the DC pattern of postponing tough decisions quietly win again. On the weekend before Christmas, everywhere you turned, his courage, conviction and character were on center stage. No solider on any of our history’s lethal battlefields more surely put himself on the line than our Congressman did in standing firm on the importance of addressing our nation’s No. 1 portal to infection.

When time ran out, and a partial shut-down began, our Congressman took another special step in refusing to accept his salary until the shut-down is resolved. That’s extraordinary, and on top of his other efforts, suggests an equation for your consideration and celebration.

Priorities (Build the Wall) + Principles (Keep your word) + Integrity (Eat what your troops eat) = LEADERSHIP

It is only through such mighty men – and women – that our nation’s portals to infection have a chance to heal…


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save


Another important day of remembrance…

Today’s a special day…

The famous Infamy Speech was a speech delivered by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt to a Joint Session of the US Congress on December 8, 1941, one day after the Empire of Japan’s attack on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and the Japanese declaration of war on the United States and the British Empire. The name derives from the first line of the speech: Roosevelt describing the previous day as “a date which will live in infamy”.

From the chair – December 7th, 2017 – Pearl Harbor Day. It’s a day of reminder – a horrific beginning to America’s immersion in W.W. II. 2335 military personnel were killed on that day – before it was over we lost 400,000 to the conflict. The world suffered 60 million.

It’s a day worth remembering – but for those of later generations, it takes some work.

That’s not anything new. Each generation’s pivotal events tend to get lost as time expires. So many of the men and women who served and contributed to W.W. II are gone now. Their memories, experiences and knowledge are also at risk.

We lose something when we lose people like those of the “Greatest Generation.” Forged in hardship, they had special qualities – like a sense of accountability, work ethic and morale code – that is not always present in those not having faced life’s more profound tests.

What will be will be. The fanfare traditionally associated with this sacred day is fading and will continue to do so. But you and I can chose to remember as individuals and keep the lessons alive.

There is merit in doing so – “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayna)

We need not do anything big or inconvenient. A little prayer – a little reflection. It’s enough on this special day of infamy…


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

Charles Taylor Christmas Event Just Around the Corner!

26th annual Charles Taylor Holiday Dinner

I would like to extend a personal invitation for you and your family to attend the 26th annual Charles Taylor Holiday Dinner. Again this year we will recognize a Republican who has fought long and hard for the Party. We will also recognize an individual or family business that has contributed over the years to the successful economic expansion in Western North Carolina.  You will have an opportunity to meet Sen. Thom Tillis, Congressman-Elect Mark Harris and other national and statewide officials. North Carolina State Treasurer  give us an update regarding finances in North Carolina  and will also serve and our M.C. It is important that we listen to and convey our beliefs and make the framers proud that we are all Americans fighting for and strengthening the longest-lasting constitution in the world’s history.

The Holiday Dinner, which is one of the largest and longest-running political dinners in North Carolina, will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday, December 15 at the Expo Center at the Crowne Plaza Resort in Asheville. Tickets for the dinner are $65 per person.  For those who would like a picture with the special guests, there is an additional $10 charge to cover printing and postage. The photo opportunity will begin at 5:30 pm and end at 6:30 pm in the Expo Center Ballroom.  Checks should be made out to “Charles Taylor Holiday Dinner” and mailed to: Charles Taylor, P.O. Box 7587, Asheville, NC  28802.

In order to guarantee a seat at the dinner, tickets must be purchased in advance. For more information please contact TrishSmothers at (828) 243-2187 or

My family and I have been hosting these dinners for more than two decades because we believe it is imperative that Western North Carolina residents have an opportunity to hear from leading state legislative, state cabinet and national candidates.

You may also go to our Facebook page 26th Annual Charles Taylor Holiday Dinner to sign up for the dinner. If you are an elected official, county chair or you were a candidate in 2018,  please meet in the room behind the stage to be introduced at 7:00 pm.

 Come hear the program, see old friends and let me see you again!


Our most recent Silver Eagle Award winner!

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From the chair – At each of our Buncombe County GOP Executive Committee meetings, the chair works to identify and recognize an exceptional BCGOP volunteer with our Silver Eagle Award. All volunteers deserve our appreciation – this one is given to those who go the extra mile and stand out as exceptional contributors.

What are we looking for? A quick list includes a positive approach, constructive engagement, dedication to our principles and platform and a recognition of the importance of practices that bring us together as a Buncombe Republican family.

This month we have recognized someone most of you will recognize – Gail Harding.

Gail has long been a special part of our family and no one – repeat – no one has tried harder – for more years – to give a vibrant voice to conservative values in our community.

A copy of her award is posted below, but we wanted to share the specific language we used to honor Gail. Every single word fits and is well earned –



Mrs. Gail Harding


With gratitude:

Carl Mumpower, Ph.D., Chair

November 26th, 2018

When you see Gail – please echo our appreciation. We are blessed by knowing her and having her on our side!



Interested in being a Buncombe Republican leader?

Is now a good time to step up?


From the chair –  Did you know there are well over 46,000 registered Republicans in Buncombe County? If all of those registered Republicans were voting Republicans, the ravenous appetites of our Brand-X opposition would be majorly constrained.

That vision is not yet our reality, but some of us are working to make it so. We need your help to pull it off.

The election is behind us and we’ve had a good month to reflect on the outcome, celebrate our hard work and successes and learn from the challenges. There are points of upcoming action that need good heads, hearts, hands and spirits to bring them to life.

With the holidays before us, many are also settling into the traditions of the season. It’s a well-earned rest for the engaged volunteers of the Buncombe Republican Party family.

May we suggest this might be a good time to ponder the possibility of your stepping toward a leadership role in your local Republican Party?

On the first Saturday in March, the Buncombe GOP will hold our annual Party convention at the Buncombe Courthouse. This is the odd numbered year during which we elect or reelect our respective officers for a two-year term of service.

Might you destined to be one of them? If so, may we meet and talk about the possibilities? I can be reached directly at or (828) 252-8390 and would welcome the opportunity to.

There’s another helpful starting point we’d like to add to your plate. How about a quick list of leadership qualifications that we’ve found helpful? Here are a few of the standouts –

  • Leaders devoted to unity and constructive action over drama and intrigue
  • Leaders who like to work and get things done
  • Leaders who share a belief in our Party’s principles and platform
  • Leaders who bring us together versus assuming a “Chinese Warlord” approach to organizational development
  • Leaders enthused about helping Republican candidates get elected
  • Leaders who believe in playing by the rules – every time – every place
  • Leaders who understand the difference in a party of shared values versus a party of competing personalities
  • Leaders who go the extra mile to deliver on their promises (think President Trump for a role model).
  • Leaders who understand that to beat the opposition we have to out think, out create and out work them.
  • Leaders who understand the Republican Party stands as the only organized political movement capable of stopping the accelerating harms and excesses of the left

If you believe you have these qualifications, please give your engagement serious consideration. Let me know if I can help in any way – including explaining the duties of the various roles within the organization.

Just after the first of the year I’ll be making my own personal decision on running again as chair. Please add the possibility of becoming a part of the Buncombe Republican leadership team to your own December check list.


Relentlessly stepping over the impairments of the negative toward the opportunities of the positive.




Buncombe Republicans! Please join Congressman Patrick McHenry and Lara Trump for Christmas!

Congressman McHenry has a Christmas event coming up!

With Special Guest – Lara Trump!

…and you’re invited!

Please give this celebratory event your consideration!

It’s a great way to (1) voice your support for our 10th District Representative’s hard efforts on our behalf (2) demonstrate your appreciation for our President and his family (3) and embrace this special season with others who value and uphold the Republican mission!

Trump Haters Demonstrate Virtue is not a Team Sport…

We should celebrate Presidential pluck…


From the chair – Remember middle-school? You should, because that’s where most people lay the foundation for their lifetime social model. 

You may recall that virtue, maturity and grace were not exactly the skillsets marking that chapter of life. For far too many adults, those three years in crazy land becomes a permanent theme. 

Thus, we have a partial explanation for the lack of sanity in our nation’s governance model. We live in a time where middle-school thinking has us operating out of cliques and a popularity chase that would make an in-crowd cheerleading squad look like amateur hour. Civility and sincerity are similarly AWOL in today’s political opera.

Need an example of our nation’s adolescent regression? How about one of the most debated and vilified Presidents in history – 45?

From candidacy to the present moment, our country’s CEO has been a remarkable source of consternation, conflict, and controversy. Is it because he is good or bad – real or fake – dangerous or courageous? Buncombe’s 46,000 Republicans have a view and we’d like to use the accusations of his antagonists to make our ironic point – in an ever-shrinking adult leadership pool, President Trump is one of the strongest swimmers.

The President is stupid – No, he is not infrequently careless with words, but no one with any direct historical or current contact with the President sees him as stupid. Just the opposite in fact. He’s quick on his feet, processes information with a speed, depth and breadth that very few leaders can duplicate, and he has a trait very uncommon to politicians – candor. He says what he thinks, not what you want to hear. That all takes smarts plus. Successfully obtaining the highest office in the land further confirms his cognitive credentials.

He’s trying to destroy the 1st Amendment – Nope, he’s actually trying to do just the opposite. Our President isn’t resistant to critical press – he’s resistant to bias and liberal advocacy. He has reason to be – by objective measures, 90% of mainstream press is antagonistic to him at a political or personal level. Calling them out is no different than Teddy Roosevelt similarly challenging the “Yellow Journalism” of his day. Does no one remember Obama and Hillary relentlessly attacking FOX, talk radio, Breitbart and other conservative news outlets? For President Trump’s real view on journalism, watch him interact with anyone attempting to be fair, objective and sincere to investigative ethics. He gets it that without the eyes of a healthy press, we will have an increasingly unhealthy America.

He won’t release his taxes – Shazam, this proves collusion with Russia or other grand scale corruption. Well, no, not really. Like every President before him – think Obama and his grades – there is information he is willing to make public and information he is not. We won’t argue the point, other than to say he’s not alone and that this is a tempest in a teapot he refuses to fuel. Trump is President – those who disagree with his conservative approach are free to resist such. The unprecedented introduction of prejudicial, relentless and ruthless verbal assignation merits countering opposition by the President and his supporters.

He’s obsessed with being liked – For a guy that supposedly needs everyone to like him, 45 has a curious approach. He’s notoriously open with his “take it or leave it” thoughts – politicians wanting to be liked unfailingly rely on speaking please-a-nese. Think Hillary under most circumstances. If being liked is job one, wouldn’t a guy who gets himself elected to the Presidency have enough sense to know that taunting the media would not result journalistic happy faces? This President doesn’t want to be liked – he wants to be right and to make a difference – and he’s on target with both far more often than not.

He surrounds himself in sycophants – In case you’re not up on that last word, it’s associated with yes men, ring kissers and others who seek favor over truth and effectiveness. What this President wants is competency, honesty and loyalty, not yes men or women. How do we know that? Look at who he hires. Anyone who sees John Kelly, John Bolton, H.R. McMaster and James Mattis as shy little daisies prone to cowering at anyone’s feet doesn’t know these guys. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has more fortitude in her right pinky than most family’s can muster at a 3-generation reunion. Fact is our President surrounds himself in competent people a bit like him – they have a courage button, think outside the box and get things done. If you can’t meet those criteria, your tenure will be short and it won’t have anything to do with kissing the bosses ring.

He can’t work with people – Ask the members of Congress that were antagonistic to our President’s candidacy and election how they now feel. Most would tell you they are amazed at what he has done and are delighted to be working with a conservative minded leader who follows his promises. They are persistently surprised by his values, courtesy and savvy leadership. If you can get elected with one party totally against you and one partially against you and then try hard to work with Congress, then you know how to unite people toward common goals. That’s leadership.

He’s divisive – Face it, in today’s America, anyone with the courage to say “no” to anyone’s needs, special interests or opinions is considered divisive. President Trump refuses to participate in “promise something for nothing” political pandering and he’s certainly not into being blackmailed by the zillion special interest groups accustomed to having first place at the trough. Telling the truth is divisive wherever people seek to live outside of reality and reason for the same reasons setting boundaries with children is not popular with children.

He’s a dictator – This is probably one of the most foolish forms of false witness brought to bare on our 45th President. By word and deed, this President is sincerer to his Constitutional oath of office than anyone we’ve had in that seat in a long time. Do you know that oath? Here it is – “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Pretty easy words to say, but per the behavior of most of his predecessors, not so easy to do. In action and deed, this President is on his A-game with the Constitution. Whether it is in protecting our borders, putting America first, standing up to threats and economic warfare or raising the obvious (the Paris Climate accord was a farce having more to do with penalizing America than impacting our environment), this elected executive gets his responsibility. Those who don’t like the constraints of the Constitution are understandably upset with his “dictatorial” dedication to upholding our guiding document and his word.

He wants to kill the judiciary – This accusation is fun. The President recently called out the 9th District Court of Appeals – located in San Francisco – for their latest ironic attempt to paralyze the executive office.  The Chief Justice had the nerve to go after the President for daring to suggest that trackable fact. In a pattern echoed by many, Justice Roberts stayed silent when former President Obama did precisely the same thing and did he miss Justice Ginsburg’s recent hostile comments toward the President? Robert’s is wrong about another thing – we do have Trump judges and Obama Judges. The former make a patterned attempt to reach for the deeper truths of the U.S. Constitution. The latter make a patterned attempt to rach for the deeper agendas of the liberal-progressive-socialist movement attempting to usurp that compass.

By now you’ve noticed another pattern – attacking our current President for saying the very same things that his predecessors have said. As a matter of fact, almost every “controversial” thing the left-leaning media routinely criticizes President Trump for has been duplicated by 44 or 42. That coverage hypocrisy reveals why our President retains animosity for the corruptions and bias of the fourth estate and others so clearly devoted to his opposition’s agenda.

No one in leadership deserves a blank check. This President is not asking for one. He does seek fairness. You can help by being an informed supporter.

That begins with learning how the opposition thinks as surely at how our side things. It ends with refusing to be a rhetoric echo versus an independent thinker. Those seeking to be part of today’s version of a middle-school in-crowd predictably offer opinions devoted to obtaining man’s favor. Culturists devoted to reason and reality step over popularity to a more principled agenda – truth.

That’s the kind of President we have – and we should celebrate his pluck.

One last point. No man who ever made a real difference in the world was not targeted by those devoted to their version of status quo. Bitterness, envy, strife and dishonesty always screech at courage, character and conviction.

In a fallen world, virtue is not a team sport…


James 3:14-18
But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth.