The BCGOP is interested in encouraging and supporting qualified and motivated Republican candidates for elected office. Please let us know if you have an interest. We want to help. Thank you for your continued interest in helping us support Republican candidates in our community, region, state and nation!

Pictures and information on candidates for the 2018 election season are soon to follow-


Shad Higgins

Shad Higgins

Candidate for Sheriff

My Mission

My campaign platform is simple. It is my desire to serve the community and give back as your Sheriff. My reason for seeking election to the Office of Sheriff is to help make Buncombe County a better, safer, place for all of us to live, and raise families. I believe with my leadership the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office will focus on accomplishing our county’s identified goals. There is no other place that I would rather serve others, and make a positive difference.

I have clear priorities for the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office and the service that it provides to the community. I confidently believe the Sheriff’s Badge is a symbol of public trust. To serve is an honor and a privilege. Effective law enforcement leaders must possess the desire and ability to recognize deficiencies. They must make difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions to effect positive change. This type of cautious, intuitive leadership will consistently enhance professionalism, and service to the public.

Over the many years of working and living in this county, I have cultivated great relationships with so many of its residents. I am well aware of the challenges and complexities facing law enforcement in and around our community. My goal is to protect and preserve Buncombe County’s quality of life.

For more Information visit us online https://shadforsheriff.com/

Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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