BCGOP’s Changing of the Guard…

From the Chair – Buncombe County’s Republican leadership is elected to a two-year tour of duty. Those currently in service are about to pass the torch to a new group of volunteers. It’s an important transition tinged with refreshed energies and hope – a time for reflection and a pinch of thanks.  

It’s been my honor to serve as Chair during the concluding term – my pleasure to welcome the new Chair and others who are stepping forward. They are the new point guard committing to working hard on behalf of those embracing Republican values. They will need your help.

It’s worth mentioning that over the past two years the Buncombe GOP has been an all-volunteer organization. That means we have relied on the help of a host of otherwise busy and engaged people who have graced our community with their time, talents, and resources. These special people merit appreciation. Every single person who lent a hand – however imperfect – to our shared mission certainly has mine.

Our all-volunteer band of brothers and sisters did something pretty nifty over these 24 months – we carried our own weight. All of our efforts were funded with contributions coming from our community. We took no money from candidates, our state or national organization, or any other source. Thanks is due to those who were so generous and supportive. They assured Republicans had a positive visible footprint in our ultra-liberal county and a strong, dynamic, and creative campaign strategy on behalf of Republican candidates.

As a personal experience, leading a county party organization is pretty high up on the challenging enterprises list. Two things have been clear – building on the good works of my predecessors was important from day one – and gratitude is due for all the good folks who helped pull it off. The Buncombe Republican Party is definitely a team sport.

We had a lot of successes to highlight, but first let’s talk about a few regrets.

My number one disappointment is that we could not make more headway with minority outreach. We tried and tried hard with newspaper ads, direct outreach and other appeals, but this was a tough safe to crack. It’s important though and I hope our new leadership team also embraces this priority.

I also wish we had been more successful in challenging a public education system – that from top to bottom – continues to pretend that a liberal arts education means teaching children to be liberals. This is precisely what is happening and it merits challenge. Conservative minded parents are encouraged to pick up this baton and keep hounding the authorities on their misjudgment.

From day one, a prime personal mission has been to bring the Republican community together toward our shared values and party platform. Unity has been a persistent message, and staying constructive, a persistent method. People want to be part of something that’s productive, positive and pleasant – not negative and antagonistic. Ask me how far we got in two years, and my answer would be, “About halfway.”

So, what did we get done?

Well, it starts with having the blessing of a quorum at each of our monthly Executive Committee meetings.  That means we had a lot of engaged volunteers who participated with enthusiasm and supported party actions with oversight grounded in open discussion and a parliamentary voting procedure. We played it by the rules – every single time. That’s the honest heart of a good team effort.

Speaking of team effort, did you notice any of the four digital billboards we had – touch any of the 10,000 sample ballots we gave out to voters at the polls – get a mail-out or candidate support note from us – listen to one of the radio ads we had on three stations – visit one of the 60 out of 80 polls we covered during the election – spot any of the many 3×5 roadside Republican banners we placed in key locations – staff or visit our HQ in One Oak Plaza – attend either our Spring Fling or Lincoln Reagan Dinner – help us volunteer this past Christmas and the last by ringing the bell in support of the Salvation Army’s faith based charity – deliver cakes or cupcakes to our first responders all over Buncombe County – help with our Reverse Walk door-to-door voter outreach efforts – read any of the varied campaign ads the BCGOP placed in 4 newspapers – assist with our mail-outs to newly arrived Republicans in Buncombe County and all Republicans requesting an absentee sample ballot – receive one or our Silver Eagle Awards for exemplary volunteer contributions — read our weekly update in the Asheville Tribune and the even more frequent news updates on our website – take the plunge when you were encouraged to run for public office as a Republican – receive our bi-weekly newsletter update – attend a monthly Executive Committee meeting and notice our relentless efforts to keep those gatherings productive, positive and pleasant – do your part to help us become the Number One most liked political party Facebook page (BuncombeGOP) in WNC – work as a Republican Precinct Judge or Assistant or help with phoning voters to promote our Republican candidates – support us in making our constantly updated web site ( an acknowledged model for other counties – or otherwise assist with any of the other gazillion day to day activities that helped make these two years fun and productive?-

My reaction to all that? A little weariness – lots of gratitude.

Special thanks is due to a few key players. The Tribune has been simply superb in giving us a weekly conservative voice coming specifically from the BCGOP. The Renaissance Hotel were extraordinarily nice hosts for our Lincoln-Reagan Dinner and J&S Cafeteria has generously hosted our monthly Executive Committee meetings with a great meeting space and a bonus of even better food. There have been a ton of others – please excuse any failure to identify you by name – you deserve it.

It’s also been a pleasure to work on behalf of Republican elected officials who work so hard in such a hostile arena to be sincere to our party’s stated principles and platform. Our “Elected Official Support Policy” has worked well in helping us publicly support them while privately and respectfully raising any concerns we might have. Direct experience has left me with an extra measure of appreciation for President Trump, Congressman Meadows, Congressman McHenry and State Senator Chuck Edwards.

A favorite appreciation centers on our relentless pursuit of the American Success Equation as a contrast to the opposition’s relentless promise of something for nothing. Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility = Prosperity stands at the heart of the American Dream and our high school essay contests drove it all home.

If I have cautions to share going forward, those would fall simply on this – Republicans are by design prone to a healthy skepticism. It’s easy for skepticism to morph into cynicism, anger, theater, intrigue, and combative approaches that are counterproductive to a crucial ingredient for Party effectiveness – unity. We’ve worked hard over the past two years to create a culture of values over a culture of competing personalities. The Buncombe Republican Party functions best as a platform for uplifting America versus a stage for personal drama.

Without that unity, we will fail at our primary mission. What’s that? We’re here to identify, encourage, support and help elect principle driven Republicans to public office. Why? Because the Republican Party stands as the only organized political movement remotely capable of stopping the growing excesses of the left.

That’s a crucial mission and the reason myself and many of our leadership team signed up two years ago. That’s also why you should consider becoming a volunteer. We need you.

Any last thoughts? Yes – please take time to say thanks to our new leadership team. As we look forward to the exciting potentials of 2020, get behind them in positive fashion. To achieve what we can, we also have to remember our common bond – as Republicans we’re glued together with principles and a platform firmly grounded in conservative values. Our true opposition rides a donkey, not an elephant…

With warm regards,

Carl Mumpower, Outgoing Chair – The Buncombe Republican Family


Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

Buncombe County Republican Convention on Saturday!

Time to Come Together! Time to Elect Our New Leadership!

The Buncombe County Republican Party 2019 Convention is fast upon us. During this annual gathering we embrace fellowship, take care of Party business, and, most importantly of all, elect the new leadership team that will guide us for the next two years!

Please join us if you can and help make this day a special one with your presence and contributions. Here are a couple of specifics that will guide you through-


When –                 Saturday, March 2, 2019

Where –                Buncombe County Courthouse (the new section), 60 Court Plaza, Asheville, NC

Parking-               There is limited meter parking on the street – primary parking is in the garage across the street

Who –                   You must be a registered Republican in Buncombe County as of January 31, 2019

(exceptions can be made by the chair, but those folks will be seated in the guest section)

Time(s) –               Registration: 8:00 am to 9:30 am

Precinct Meetings: 9:30 am (attendance required to vote at the Convention)

Convention: 10:00 (and we aiming hard to be done by 12:00)

Presentations –   We will have a variety of candidates, elected officials, etc. who will be speaking for 2 minutes.

Election – Under the good leadership of Glenda Weinert, the Nominating Committee has submitted the following slate-

Chair                Jerry Green
1st Vice Chair   Betty Hudson
2nd Vice Chair  Marilyn Brown
Secretary          Loretta Reynolds
Treasurer          Kendra Ferguson

Members @ Large:  Bob Jolly, Michelle Rippon, Bob Penland, Robin Ramsey and Fremont  Brown.


We appreciate these good folks stepping forward. Please come out to support them!

Convention time is a special time.

Please join us this Saturday!



Irony? The Mountain-X thumps C-T on journalistic ethics…

Liberal Media Bias in Asheville is Nothing Short of Extraordinary…

From the chair – The level of bias in our daily paper and local television station continues to astound. It’s not personal – and contrary to what some in the media believe, there is concern, not malice in our view. It’s simply that we realize the crucial importance of objective community media sources and the danger of propaganda masqueraded as news. It’s a caution we’re pleased to continue raising as long as our primary news sources continue to serve as marketing agents for the left vs. ethical news outlets with a deeper eye on truth.        

A great case in point came up recently. It started with this article (Following massive NC raid, ICE arrests in Henderson stir familiar fear for some in WNC). The level of bias was extraordinary in offering the political view of 4 or 5 liberal-progressives behind that sensational headline – but absolutely no conservative input. The one contrasting view came from an officially constrained ICE official raising the point that they would not be arresting people in their homes and workplaces if they could arrest the bigger bad guys in jails like they would do if we had cooperative local law enforcement.

The lack of journalistic ethics in that article should shame the editors of the Citizen-Times. Instead, they appear clearly dedicated to their mission of advocating in news articles versus objectively and fairly reporting the facts. Somewhere along the line, the folks in charge of this publication lost touch with the journalistic code their profession claims to uphold.

The irony comes into play with a contrasting article coming out in the Mountain X-press weekly. Though the M-X is clearly a liberal publication, that’s OK – they take that position up front. The C-T pretends objectivity and masks their bias on a daily basis. What’s interesting is that time after time, when the Mountain X-press does a feature news piece, they do it thoroughly, with a wide range of included views and attempt to keep the editorializing to a minimum and the information exchange to a maximum. In other words, they try to do it right.

Consider this feature article on the political scene in WNC (Finding the Regions Next Elected Leaders).though the views from the left outnumber the conservative sources of input, the effort to be fair, comprehensive and inclusive is evident. It is no small curiosity that an acknowledged liberal publication facing all the hurdles of print media in today’s environment, is investing more time, energy and journalistic ethics in their reporting than the big budget outlets at the Citizen-Times and WLOS.

As the soon departing chair of the Buncombe Republican Party, I can share that my interaction with the staffs of the Mountain-X, Citizen-Times and WLOS have been universally pleasant. I have appreciated every opportunity for us to bring our conservative voice to the table. That said, anyone who believes our primary media outlets are remotely attempting to track or address their liberal preference is lost in denial.

Conservatives don’t want local media outlets to see things our way. We don’t want anything but the opportunity to share our view and let the cards fall where they may. That’s the essence of journalistic ethics and it’s a fair flag for us to raise.

We see great irony in the fact that when it comes to journalistic ethics, the liberal folks at the Mountain-X are thumping the competition while their competition is busy thumping conservatives…

Asheville’s Mayor is Dangerous…

Our Letter to the Citizen-Times Editor Shares Why

Dear Editor:

Asheville’s Mayor is a bright, articulate and skilled politician – may one suggest she’s also dangerous?

Her recent public position ( against immigration enforcement demonstrates a criminal mindset – that the laws of our country, state and city are free to be supported as suits one’s personal preferences. That’s a pretty profound stance for the city’s chief elected official.

Topless performers in city parks? Our Mayor has done everything in her power to ignore state statutes prohibiting such and sidestep enforcement options used effectively in every other NC city but ours.

Unprecedented in our history are her intrusions on city and police administration. Both are increasingly paralyzed.

Don’t look now, but Asheville’s out-of-control drug problem tracks directly to the doors of our Mayor and council. These are the only elected officials with the power to prioritize drug intervention over enabling. We have the laws on the books – they don’t have the courage or conviction.

Asheville’s Mayor is a polished example of what happens when image transcends substance and one is celebrated for charms over harms.

Every cultural demise in history is heralded by leaders similarly wearing a mask of false virtue as they betray the rule of law.

Thank you,

Carl Mumpower, Chair – Buncombe Republican Party


Asheville’s Daily Does It Again…

The C-T is shameless in promoting the liberal-progressive-socialist view in our community!

From the chair – Over the weekend C-T readers were treated to two excellent examples of a pattern of bias by our local daily. Two articles – Following massive NC raid, ICE arrests in Henderson stir familiar fear for some in WNC and Border wall: WNC;s GOP congressmen split on Trump national emergency declaration – drive the point home with enthusiasm.

In the first article C-T journalist (and evidently the editors of the paper) crafted an article that shared anti-ICE and immigration enforcement positions by no less than 5 individuals. The only pro-enforcement position was by an ICE representative explaining that if local enforcement would cooperate as they have in the past, arrests would be made in jails instead of in homes. Beyond that, no one was allowed to defend ICE as most conservative thinkers would. That’s bias from the C-T – and it is a pattern that is exceptionally persistent and easy to track by searching their own web page and headlines.

Liberal bias spoiler alert – just read the title of the ICE article and note the inflammatory adjectives. The fix was in.

P.S. – Asheville’s Mayor – by vote and deed – is a liberal-progressive-socialist masquerading as a benevolent moderate. She’s also an attorney. There is great irony in the fact our city’s chief elected official is so careless with the rule of law. Selective application of the law – her anti-ICE enforcement position being one of many – is a dangerous behavior that always heralds cultural demise. Our Mayor’s casual approach to personal preference over the rule of law should not go unchallenged.

Next in the C-T’s missteps came the article attempting to pit our two WNC congressman – Patrick McHenry (10th District) and Mark Meadows (11th District) against one another on the President’s national state of emergency declaration on our borders. Supposedly our Republican champions were on opposing sides of this action. They are not – and the C-T was blatant in making a mountain out of this molehill and pretending friction where there was none.

The presentation was that Congressman Meadows was for the declaration and Congressman McHenry was not. As soon as we read Congressman McHenry’s statement in the article, “I don’t think it’s the best first choice,” we smelled something a little bit rotten.

We checked with McHenry’s office, and sure enough, he has no adversarial position against the President’s action or Congressman’s Meadow’s direct support for that action. He was simply saying he did not see it as a best first choice. That is precisely what the President and Mark Meadows have said all along – they agree.

Declaring an emergency was about forth on the list of potential actions. May we share the sequence that got us here?

  1. Get the funding in place while Republicans held majorities in both houses – that one didn’t happen.
  2. Make partial border funding a condition of funding and reopening government – that didn’t work.
  3. Support congress by reopening government without conditions & allowing time for a negotiated solution – no luck.
  4. Quit pretending that Democrats were going to do anything but obstruct – go with Plan D.

All three of the leaders in question are on the same page in terms of a need for meaningful action on border security. There is no rift of “split” as the C-T exaggerated in their article – just a quiet difference in language and enthusiasm for the border dilemma our President is trying to face with a very rigged deck of cards.

Our take – the Citizen-Times continues to be reckless with the First Amendment by confusing journalism with advocacy. Republicans – unlike our free speech antagonists on the left – get it that a free press is crucial to a free Republic. By betraying their code of journalistic ethics, demonstrating a pattern of persistent political bias, and confusing advocacy with fair presentation of the news, they are placing all of us at great risk.

Our view – when the right or the left’s leadership do something of substance, it should be reported. When the right or the left do something wrong, it should be reported. When the right or the left do something right, it should be reported. The playing field in the C-T’s editorial room is not level – it tilts dramatically to the left. What they are sharing is more about marketing their guys than reporting your news…




Beware those who come under a false flag…



From xxxxx – Who is in charge of your page? I have really liked some of our local conservative politicians, but I am amazed at how much of your page is devoted to making fun of people. The Buncombe County Democrats do not do that. Their posts are about meetings & organization. I think it’s unprofessional to constantly post put-down memes in a group that supports serious candidates. I also would be very surprised if Carl Mumpower is doing these postings because it does not seem like they type of thing he would ever do. I am more interested in seeing posts that are pro-business & pro-candidate at the local level.

Buncombe GOP – Thanks for messaging us. We apologize if we miss your communication in any way. Please also feel free to email or contact our chair at He is happy to speak with you anytime!

Buncombe GOP – Hi xxxxx – yes, our opposition – with its mission of corrupting our culture – prefers for us to stay on the down low. It’s our pleasure to turn the lights on that nefarious agenda – and our contrasting values – with as much enthusiasm as we can muster. As a devotee to the left’s view, we understand why you would prefer we – as an inconvenient minority in Asheville – hunker down in the corner. Check our for more info and a calendar. Facebook will continue to have a more entertaining and energetic agenda. The local Republican Party remains dedicated as the only organized political movement capable of countering the absurdities of the left. That we are the most liked WNC Facebook political site offers testament to such… (; Carl Mumpower

xxxxx – Very disappointing. I considered you a true professional. I thought a young GOP member was in charge of your page. There is no agenda for me, other than to support people who are part of the solution, not the problem. What I find absurd, it the concept that nasty memes help solve that problem. I will continue to support pro-business candidates, those who don’t get down in the gutter no matter what side they are on.

There is no room in this town for anyone who is not in the “extreme.”

Buncombe GOP – xxxxx – I share your disappointment. (; For someone who has been a registered Democrat for 30 years and voted a traceable straight Democratic ticket to pretend concern or interest in conservative and pro-business candidates is a bit embarrassing. Aren’t you at least a little ashamed of this attempt at pretend virtue? One is reminded of an old country adage – “Puppies will bite their mother to make her lay still…” Please excuse our political minority movement’s disinterest in lying still by subscribing to your misguided agenda. Carl Mumpower

xxxxx – I currently support districting and having reps from various neighborhoods, support the Free Market and am disappointed by the way our tax dollars are being disseminated and weighted to one side. I have changed my mind about many local issues due to the education from some local conservatives.

I also feel that our City Council has done better in the past when it is balanced out by conservative and democratic voices. Local government effects us the most.
Either way, I wish you well. Just completely surprised that you are the one posting these memes. 🙂

Buncombe GOP – Yes, we are equally surprised. The best mark of sincerity is action – in politics that’s a simple equation – how we vote. Your voting record does not match your declarations. No malice, but managing what other people think of me has never been part of my mission – challenging, as a conservative Republican, the expanding harms of the left in our community and across the nation – very much so. We value Facebook as one tool in our expanding toolbox. Best wishes forward.

xxxxx – Is this really Carl? This communication does not feel authentically Carl. It does, however remind me of another local conservative.😀

Buncombe GOP – Hi xxxxx – I find it fascinating that so many who practice deception, false virtue, and radicalism endeavor to paint others as “extremists.”

The person I assume you are attempting to ridicule makes a noble effort to creatively challenge the real extremes of Asheville’s progressive-liberal-socialist movement. His “extreme” views reflect an authentic conservative view – (1) Keep government small, constrained and effective (2) Be careful with other people’s money, property and liberty (3) Protect new life and (4) Retain an authentic connection to our culture’s historical values and (5) Stay sincere to our compass – the U.S. Constitution.

With all due consideration,your demonstration of political opportunism in this post is not virtuous and your affinity with the left is not moderate.

It remains that Republican conservatism is about the only political connection our culture has left to the word “normal.”

Again, you should be embarrassed by coming to us on Facebook under a false flag – voting relentlessly as a progressive Democrat (since that is the only kind of Democrats we have had running for the past 20 years) – and pretending an interest in conservatism.

No wish to be hurtful, but you might want to rethink your moral compass.

And yes, it’s the real me. cm

xxxxx – Beautifully written! You have a true gift for writing. I can handle the jabs. But your compass is off with me. I can accept your viewpoint as I am fully responsible for initiating a dialogue with you. Thank you for your candor and response. I hope you will consider ways in which our community can unify in the future. There are roads we can all travel on, in order to find common ground. Hats off and have a nice rest of your Sunday.

Buncombe GOP – No wish to jab – but I do feel the need to call you a bit for that false virtue suit you put on. I don’t imagine someone with your flair faces that very often. If I do have a gift it would be the mixed blessing of a good BS detector. You did not come to us with a mission of uniting – you came to us trying to turn down our volume to suit your own agenda. I’m afraid there is no way around your voting record as the sincere measure of your priorities.

Always happy to be part of a sincere effort to bring us together. Not receptive to an effort to make us lay still… cm

The Left Keeps Selling Lemons…

Brand-X is marketing an inferior product!


From the chair – In recent weeks we’ve had bunches of opportunities to catch our opposition doing bad things. Topping the list was their shameful behavior during the State of the Union Address. By now you’ve seen and heard all that’s necessary to land on two observations – (1) President Trump did a great job under very antagonistic circumstances and (2) Many of those in attendance need to double-down on their maturity pills.

But today, we’d like to direct your attention to three other blue flags coming from the left – their call for NC Medicaid expansion; local Senator Terry Van Duyn’s contribution appeal; and the pièce de résistance – the stark exposure of their horrifically casual approach to the sanctity of new life.

Medicaid expansion gets votes, not results.

Let’s begin with a direct statement – Medicaid is an underfunded, hollow and dysfunctional exercise in governmental pretense. Brand-X’s most recent call for Medicaid expansion was reliably tacked to their go to strategy – promising something for nothing.

It comes as no surprise that those with no skin in the game are for anything that comes out of someone else’s pocket. What continues to surprise is that adults imagine we can promise something for nothing without consequence. In the case of Medicaid expansion, the problems are legion.

The same leaders who push entitlement programs also reliably under-fund and expand these programs beyond their functional capacities. The consequences are hospitals – like our own Mission system – that find themselves increasingly unable to survive too many patients who put nothing in but take a lot out through a program that doesn’t remotely cover the cost of service. Those of us who pay for private insurance persistently subsidize that gap.

Wondering why Mission Hospital system has been sold to a third string for-profit company? Look strongly at how Medicare and Medicaid programs have been strangling that facility for years.

Brand-X likes to create programs that secure voter loyalty – they are terrible at finding reasoned and reliable ways to pay for those programs. There are good reasons that healthcare providers are dropping out of Medicaid – it’s a broken effort that puts the burden of responsibility on everyone but those receiving the services.

Per usual our friends on the left are aided by media outlets who unwittingly or otherwise tilt in the same direction. We are grateful for any opportunity to bring a conservative voice to the table, but the fairness equation also deserves a seat. WLOS offered a great example in a clip of a week or so back – In this two minute and twelve second information piece our friends on the left got two minutes and the conservative view less than twelve seconds. That’s a pattern that works for lemon selling politicians – not for viewers trying to make their way to a point of truth on a complex subject.

The solution to healthcare access will not be found in “big promise – low delivery” government programs. Unleashing the unlimited powers of our currently super-constrained private enterprise system is the answer to this important issue. Why? Because the system that put a widescreen TV in the home of just about every person – poor or otherwise – in America can do the same thing with healthcare.

Senator Van Duyn just earned a Pinocchio Award!

Buncombe’s State Senator Terry Van Duyn is reaching for higher office. Unfortunately, like many of her peers, she is relying on dishonesty to give her a boost. Case in point was a recent fund-raising letter.

Consider this exert – “During my time in the State Senate I’ve fought back against the Republican majority’s attempts to eliminate a woman’s right to access abortion, receive lifesaving mammogram screenings and to live out fulfilling lives.”

Sorry Terry – you got it wrong (or you were intentionally dishonest) three times in a row.

Republicans aren’t attempting to eliminate a woman’s right to access abortion – we’re attempting to address the fact that your side has lost all connection to reason on the sanctity of new life. We believe that viewing 60 million intercepted lives as a celebratory landing place is amoral and dangerous to all concerned – most especially women and the children of the future who, without the Republican Party, would have no voice.

As for Republicans seeking to eliminate “a woman’s right to receive lifesaving mammograms,” are you really that naive or do you recognize your use of deception as a campaign tactic? May we encourage to check yourself and/or your handlers?

Lastly, you asserted that we Republicans do not want women to “live out fulfilling lives.” Not sure who drew up that bit of hyperbole, but we do know you signed it. Mind if we suggest that taking the essence of a woman’s unique grace – the capacity to bring new life into the world – and corrupting it into what has become a political version of Murder, Inc. is about as antagonistic to fulfilling women as one can get? Do you really not understand that behind every single one of those 60 million intercepted lives is a woman who went through a painful physical-emotional process that is impossible to pull off within echoing impacts?

New York – New York – Have you lost your mind?

New York state leaders just approved a new law that secures a woman’s abortion rights essentially up to the point of delivery. We get it that this doesn’t mean full-term mothers are going to be flocking to the local abortion clinic – just that they can. We get it that most of this state law merely echoes the “heartbeat stopping” craziness found in Roe v. Wade. What we don’t get – or rather find appalling – is that instead of trying to put smart minds together to find better answers to this wholesale slaughter of new life (and most especially minorities), you guys are trying to double down on the folly. Heck, you are even smiling while you are doing it.

All of these are examples of how the left continues to sell lemons to the naive, vulnerable, fearful, young and ill-informed. Reliably, the leaders of the Brand-X movement count on five selling points – (1) The promise of something for nothing (2) The purposeful vilification of their opposition – us – as an emotional vs. factual exercise (3) The presumption elitist Democrats are smarter than the rest of us (4) The practice of dehumanizing those who disagree with their positions and (5) The pursuit of big government as a preference over big people.

We appreciate our left-minded friends for doing things like they do. It provides us opportunity to reaffirm our own crucial point – The Republican Party remains the only organized political movement capable of stopping their extremes.

If you’d like to help – we’d love to have you. The Republican Party sells reality, reason, responsibility and right – not lemons…



Time to elect our new officers – how about you?

We like to hear from you!
Please let us know by February 8th!

Every every year the Buncombe Republican Party holds a convention to address formal business. Odd year conventions are extra important because that is when we elect our new officers. That day – March 2nd – is just around the corner!

At our convention we will be electing leaders for the following positions-

Chairman – 1st Vice Chair – 2nd Vice Chair – Secretary – Treasurer – 5 AT LARGE members

Each year we ask experienced and engaged volunteers to serve on our BCGOP Nominating Committee. We are pleased that Glenda Weinert has agreed to chair this action committee and work with two other members, Betty Budd and Kyle Carver. Many thanks to these good folks for stepping up to help with this important piece of our organization’s leadership puzzle.

Glenda, Betty and Kyle are tasked with identifying, developing, interviewing and otherwise advancing a solid slate of possible officers to carry us forward. They have no advocacy position, but do want to vet candidates and otherwise help insure that those Republicans attending the convention have a solid body of candidates upon which to vote and count on to carry the BCGOP forward.

February 8th is the deadline they are asking all prospective candidates to consider in letting the committee know of their interest in running. The sooner our good committee knows, the sooner they can press on with interviews and securing a good pool of candidates.

If you have been considering stepping forward to support the Republican mission in Buncombe County, now is a great time to let us know. We’d like to help you do just that!

Glanda Weinert, Chair –  828-230-14444  –
Betty Budd  828-707-4373 –
Kyle Carver, 828-683-2075 –

*You may also reach any of the officers (contact information is listed in the “Leadership” section of this website) or our Chair, Carl Mumpower, at 252-8390 or

Brand-X is doomed to fail – but much can fall with them…

The Republican Party remains the only political movement capable of impairing the growing excesses of the left…


Carl Mumpower, Chair – In a hard world, it’s good that time has a way of smoothing the edges off hard times. Even the memories of the recent tragedy of 9-11 softens amidst the never-ending challenges of a new day. In the face of that grace, it’s easy to believe the harsh realities of today are somehow worse than those in the past and that our future is thus fraught with peril. In truth, America has always had edgy times and some were really edgy. Today’s miseries are different, not necessarily worse.

The American Revolution pitted us against one another with a fierceness that left the outcome anything but predetermined. After we won that one, Great Britain tried round two and literally kicked our fannies all over the place until they ran into a stone wall down in New Orleans. Once again, it was touch and go.

The Civil War was a horrific event that literally tore us in two. Had Lee won Gettysburg, that war might have done so permanently. The intense darkness of those times still echoes five generations later.

When one looks back in detail, the cultural division and antagonism preceding our entry into WW I was astounding. Some of the anarchists of that day make today’s Antifa wannabees look like rebellious kindergartners.

Then there were the sixties. Were you around when the Black Panthers ambushed a New York police department with automatic weapons? How about the bombings, race riots, and chaos coming from other social activists deciding that anger and violence were more fun than peace?

Nothing of man’s hand is characterized by consistency, maturity or reason as a reliable pattern. We have always had challenging times – and have no reason to expect today to be different.  What is different is how today’s chaos is unfolding, how many people are being pulled in and the weapons being applied.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a conservative thinker. Congratulate yourself, you are on the right side of nature and history. You are going to be proven right and will eventually win the “smarter than your foe” prize. In the short-term, however, your position is not unlike that of America immediately after Pearl Harbor. For awhile its going to seem like the bad guys are having it all their way.

Make no mistake about it, the Progressive-Liberal-Socialist movement and their marketing agency – the 21st century Democratic Party – are the bad guys. We don’t say that because they are our opposition or because their view on the issues differs from our own. We say that because their methods and mission are dangerous. It’s simply not possible to get to good places through bad means and Republicans are dedicated to keeping America a good thing.

The left’s toolbox merits very direct challenge. By any objective social, scientific, spiritual or experiential measure one can find, anger, dishonesty, denial, violence, greed, and elitism are toxic.  May we explain why?

Anger is a poison that destroys the container that holds it. Anger is addictive – and if you feed it, it grows in intensity. Anger blinds its victims and distorts their view of reality, reason, responsibility and right. When that happens, the seeds for self-destruction are sown. Need we argue that the left is angry – very, very angry?

Honesty is the foundation of everything that is good. Without it, nothing constructive can be accomplished. Dishonesty turns real mirrors into funhouse mirrors – it distorts our perception and when that happens, failure is eventually assured, every time and everywhere. The left’s “ends justifies the means thinking” is dedicated to dishonesty as a primary propaganda tool and though they routinely deny it, please remember that the most practiced liars lie to themselves first.

Denial is a by-product of addiction. All of the destructive behaviors mentioned above are addictive and the consequence is simple – for every ounce of addiction there will be a matching ounce of denial. Over time denial blinds one to reality and when we lose connection to reality we run into walls. Denial is raging through the left like an epidemic.

The destructive powers of violence are self-explanatory. Its temptations are also apparent – it’s more stimulating to blow things up than build things. The impact is violence is immediate and powerful. The long-term consequences are equally powerful, but in a harmful way. The left is embracing violence – verbal and physical – with increasing enthusiasm and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Greed is one of the most dangerous of the seven deadly sins. Man has always been vulnerable to the promise of something for nothing. When you boil it down, this is the essence of our opposition’s platform – “we will give you a whole lot of whatever it is you as a voter want and you will have to sacrifice nothing for it”. That’s not how the real-world works – so we know it’s a lie – but many voters – especially the impaired, vulnerable and young – don’t. It’s just so easy to overlook the much-echoed caution that any government with the power to give you everything has a matching capacity to take everything.

Elitism is the subtlest of the left’s licenses to destruct. Like despots and authoritarian power grabbers throughout history, the idea “I know more than you” is an enticing entitlement. Once the vision of personal enlightenment seizes the brain, it takes over like a cancer. That’s why so many authoritarian thinkers are so brazen in 21st century America. Narcissism, not reason, is in cognitive control.

We share this dark information with a positive purpose – that you will resist the temptation to take the much-perceived inevitability of the left’s success too seriously. In deeper fact, they are doomed to fail because the tools they are using are broken.

But there is a problem – actually a couple of them.

Too many people on our side are clinging to the assumption that America has some kind of special immunity from self-destruction. That silly notion makes it exceedingly easy to stay out of the fight and rely on divine intervention to secure our future. God – indeed – has a reliable history of helping those who help themselves. A quick review of the Republican Party platform thankfully reveals we are still a party of faith and thus have that accountability filter – but we have to have skin in the game.

Secondly, even though the left is doomed to fail, it won’t necessarily happen quickly or without accelerating mayhem. Shooting stars burn the brightest just before they burn out.

That means we are in for some rough times and though in the long run nature’s relentless dedication to reality, reason, responsibility and right are on our side – bad means can rule ruthlessly for short times.

Standing up to the left’s malevolent means thus remains important. We know they will lose – we don’t know how much of what makes America so special will go down with them…

Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save…