From Buncombe Republicans and our partners in good governance!

On challenging the harmful impact of liberal extremism –

“The best way to hinder weeds is to grow good grass.” GOP Chair Carl Mumpower

On the courage to stand for something people can count on –

“I serve at the will of 750,000 people in WNC. I’m going to be a ‘no’ even if it sends me home…”       Congressman Mark Meadows

On how you represent a constituency with varied political ideologies –

“Listen to everyone and try to make common-sense decisions.” Commissioner Mike Fryer

On why Asheville district elections should be handled by legislative versus voter action –

“You’ve got a group of citizens saying they feel underrepresented by the system, why would we send them to that same system for a resolution?” NC Senator Chuck Edwards

On why Republicans should get behind our new Republican President –

“Our county suffered for eight years under the Obama Administration. President Trump has started the healing process and I am proud to stand with him as we work to keep our promises. I encourage all conservatives to work with one another to support President Trump and return our nation to prosperity.” –Congressman Patrick McHenry

On why Republicanism represents the party of hope for America’s future – 

         “REPUBLICANS – you know, the folks who still believe in the word normal – and in supporting the             only political movement capable of countering those who don’t.” –  A Buncombe County                             Republican

On proof the Republican Party is a conservative movement devoted to reality, reason, responsibility & right –
            We believe in the American Success Equation  
            Liberty + Opportunity + Responsibility =  Prosperity!” – A Buncombe County Republican

Conserve [v. kuh n-surv] To use or manage wisely; preserve; save

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