Eagle Award

Silver Dollar Promise

At the first meeting of this year’s newly elected BCGOP Executive Board, the Chair held up an American Silver Dollar and asked, “What do you see?” “An eagle,” was the answer, to which his response was, “I see Lady Liberty – which one of us is right?”

“And so it is with Buncombe Republicans,” he said. “We see our view so clearly that we sometimes forget other Republicans may have a different angle on things. As elected Party leaders, our job is to stand on the edge of the coin – and bring both sides together.”

Afterwards the Chair “loaned” each member of the Executive Board a new Silver Dollar. “Carry it and use it to remind you of our mission – being an ‘edgy’ leader.” “If you ever see me forget to uphold that pledge or otherwise betray our Party’s platform and principles, let me know – I promise to give you the Silver Dollar I have and start again with a new one.”

To get the BCGOP where we need to go, we all need to make a Silver Dollar Promise…

Eagle Award

Each month the Chair will be awarding a Silver Dollar to a Buncombe Republican who demonstrates exceptional service, creativity, contribution and/or leadership. Please let him know if you know someone who merits this recognition.

August BCGOP Chair’s Silver Eagle Award goes to…

Each month the Chair of the BCGOP selects a volunteer (or as in this case, group of volunteers) to receive our Silver Eagle Award. It's given for exemplary service, contribution or example. This month's recipients include Dorothea Alderfer, Patsy Gardin, Don Yelton...

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